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This WordPress blog is my little way to keep certain things online about myself. I live in Switzerland and am a software developer.

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  1. Hi Robert,
    I’m from Ramco systems. Heard a lot from you from Dr.Bojo(Franz Josef Weiper). Right now I’m heading the team which is maintaining the feather lite source. I’m really happy to following you and your work.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I visited strolch site. I was really happy for your initiative. It’s great. I would like to follow and try strolch. All the best.
    I will keep in touch.

  3. Hi Arun, nice to hear that! Go ahead and check out the code and follow me on Github! I am about to release Strolch 1.0.0!

  4. Hi Robert,
    Good day. Nice to know that a planning engine is being created.
    Any ideas of developing a web based client similar to featherlite RCP client for strolch?

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