Nerd Test

I just had to do it: Update 10 January 2011: Well, I took the test again and this is now my result:

Australia, Day 41

Day 41, Tuesday, March 16 2010 ———————————— Today I enjoyed the city of Sydney. I went alone in the early morning and walked around the city centre of Sydney, loosing myself in the many streets. Every now and then I found a book store, into which I just had to go. It was interesting to… Continue reading “Australia, Day 41”

Australia, Day 40

Day 40, Monday, March 15 2010 ———————————— Our trip to the Blue Mountains was on this day. It started off with us having to find the Oz Experience office. It was on the other side of town and thanks to good instructions from Laurence at the reception and a quick train ride we were on… Continue reading “Australia, Day 40”

Australia, Day 39

Day 39, Sunday, March 14 2010 ———————————— This morning was my last couple of hours in Tasmania, which was quite sad since I had such a fabulous time… But oh well, swapped the pictures we made on the hikes and Monika gave me some good music which I had heard on the way to and… Continue reading “Australia, Day 39”

Australia, Day 38

Day 38, Saturday, March 13 2010 ———————————— Today we had decided on doing the circuit around Frecinet National Park, to Wineglass Beach, Coles Beach and through the beautiful coast line. We were walking from one beautiful little place to the next, through thicker bush which was really beautiful, then again through more open stretches, and… Continue reading “Australia, Day 38”

Australia, Day 37

Day 37, Friday, March 12 2010 ———————————— In the morning we got up around 8:30 and then prepared to go out to the Frecinet National Park which is situated in the east of Tasmania. It was a two and a half hour drive to coles Bay. We stopped in the middle of the drive in… Continue reading “Australia, Day 37”

Australia, Day 36

Day 36, Thursday, March 11 2010 ———————————— In the morning I got up, took a shower and then packed my things and headed out for a coffee with Vicky. Afterwards we got back, checked-out and it was nearly time for my flight to Tasmania. The shuttle bus picked me up at quarter past eleven. The… Continue reading “Australia, Day 36”

Australia, Day 35

Day 35, Wednesday, March 10 2010 ———————————— Brado’s backpackers is quite a nice place to be. The place itself is still pretty run down, but as Brad, Laurence and his crew only took over the place some 5 weeks ago, they are only just finding out what has to be done. I am deeply impressed… Continue reading “Australia, Day 35”

Australia, Day 34

Day 34, Tuesday, March 9 2010 ———————————— The previous night we had decided to get up early and watch the sunrise. Beaver had told us that the sun would rise around 4:45. I was going for 6 ‘o clock, but we all thought Beaver knew what he was saying. So 4:30 everyones alarm went off,… Continue reading “Australia, Day 34”

Australia, Day 33

Day 33, Monday, March 8 2010 ———————————— We were planning on seeing the sunrise over Byron Bay at the light house, but since it kept on raining, we skipped that. We went for breakfast at this nice little turkish place at around 8 ‘o clock and afterwards headed up to the light house to enjoy… Continue reading “Australia, Day 33”