Australia, Day 36

Day 36, Thursday, March 11 2010

In the morning I got up, took a shower and then packed my things and headed out for a coffee with Vicky. Afterwards we got back, checked-out and it was nearly time for my flight to Tasmania. The shuttle bus picked me up at quarter past eleven. The shuttle picked some more people up and I was starting to get a little nervous as my time was running out. Finally we headed off to the airport and I saw that I had less than half an hour left to check-in. Everything did work out well and I was ontime to catch my short flight to Tasmania.

While waiting at the tasmanian airport for Monika to pick me up, an elderly lady took place on the bench next to me. We came into conversation and she told me, that she had come to Tasmania to watch her grandson shave off his long hair for a good cause. The grandson wants to raise 50’000 AUD for cancer patients. She said she found it good that he shaved off his hair for the good cause, but was secretly also happy because she didn’t like the long hair on him =)). I had to smile to myself.

Soon after her granddaughter in law picked her up, Monika also arrived. After a warm welcom greeting she took me to her place. She lives together with two other girls, Carmul and Nicky (Hopefully I remembered correctly…). Carmul is a teacher of art and was currently at home. Nicky was not there as she was visiting her grandmother who was very ill. THe house is a beautiful little home and was very inviting.

The three of us went to a vietnamese restaurant, where a table was reserved for us. I had the best meal at this little restaurant since I have arrived in Australia. It was a wonderful rice dish with shitake mushrooms and many vegetables. I really enjoyed it. We had a very nice and easy going conversation and I had a very good time.