Australia, Day 37

Day 37, Friday, March 12 2010

In the morning we got up around 8:30 and then prepared to go out to the Frecinet National Park which is situated in the east of Tasmania. It was a two and a half hour drive to coles Bay. We stopped in the middle of the drive in Campbell Town where we had a little break. Coles Bay is just outside of the national park and we got there sometime in the early afternoon.

After paying the fee for the national park we decided on the possible routes. There are a number of different walks which can be done around in Frecinet National Park and many involve view of Wineglass Bay which is a really beautiful area.

Much discussion later, we decided on Mt Amos which was to be a very steep and difficult hike, yet wonderfully rewarding. The hike consisted of simple walkways and the very difficult climbs over stone slabs which were very slippery. Due to the fact that it was dry, we were able to walk up to Mt Amos, which took us about two hours. The view from the top was astonishing, but we did not stay long as we didn’t want to loose the day light and then walk in the dark down the steep stone slabs.

When the hike was over, and we were really tired, we checked in at the local YHA and went to the pub for dinner. There wasn’t much I was expecting from the pub, but I was really lucky because they had a wonderfuly curry which was vegan. So this was my second best dish since being in Australia. Monika wanted me to try some of the beers so she showed me what a Boags Premium tastes like. I quite liked it.