Australia, Day 38

Day 38, Saturday, March 13 2010

Today we had decided on doing the circuit around Frecinet National Park, to Wineglass Beach, Coles Beach and through the beautiful coast line. We were walking from one beautiful little place to the next, through thicker bush which was really beautiful, then again through more open stretches, and always having a glimpse of the water. It was a long hike, especially after the strains of the previous day. We made it after about six hours. We had lunch on Coles Beach where we watched the water crash onto the rocks on which we were sitting. It was really wonderful.

Once we had arrived back at the carpark and relieved our feet from the hiking boots, we started our trip back home. Once we had arrived in Launceston, we immediately drove to the burger place Burger Got Soul. Monika said they have wonderful burgers and even vegan ones, which I was not going to miss out on. We took the burgers back to Monikas place where we then ate them, while watching the eighth season of Scrubs. We laughed our heads off, while eating really good burgers. Thanks Monika for that idea, as this was another nice meal.