Adding Verdana / Tahoma / winfonts LaTeX support in Ubuntu 9.04

To be able to use windows fonts like Verdana, Tahoma and so forth in Latex documents on an Ubuntu Jaunty Jackelope you need to install the winfonts package from CTAN. The following steps explains what I undertook to use these fonts: 1. First download the winfonts package from CTAN 2. Find your Tahoma and/or Verdana… Continue reading “Adding Verdana / Tahoma / winfonts LaTeX support in Ubuntu 9.04”

Tables in LaTeX

Ok… I have most definitely gone over the bend, LaTeX tables are a pain, at least till you know how to do them… I have been trying to add neat tables to LaTeX documents, and I have been searching all kinds of places. But I have finally found something that seems to work. It has… Continue reading “Tables in LaTeX”