Australia, Day 34

Day 34, Tuesday, March 9 2010

The previous night we had decided to get up early and watch the sunrise. Beaver had told us that the sun would rise around 4:45. I was going for 6 ‘o clock, but we all thought Beaver knew what he was saying. So 4:30 everyones alarm went off, we all complained and swore about the early hour and how pitch black the sky still was. Nevertheless, we marched over to Leslies place and started to wait for the sunrise.

As I had expected, half past 5 came and there was still no glowing of the rising sun. Only shortly before six the sky started to brighten. That was when I also realized that the sun would rise right behind a bunch of trees so I left for the beach to have a less obstructed view of the sunrise. Sadly that would not be the case, as firstly there was a big amount of clouds right on the horizon which seemed to grow and since 6:20 came and there was no sun, we had to give up as we still needed to have breakfast, pack and get in the bus so that we could leave by 7 ‘o clock.

On the bus we soon realized that this ride would not be as cool as we had hoped. The people on the bus were definitely not my case. All grumpy, no fun and looked at us as if we were idiots. This was thankfully soon solved by Beaver receiving a call telling him that his management managed to get a bus for us. It was on the way so we soon drove there, dumped the Oz guys and we all rejoiced when we were back on a bus type which we had come to love and respect!

So, after getting some fuel, as the bus was practically dry, here I am, writing these final words and getting my diary finally up to date! Let’s see what the rest of the day beholds, as sadly this is the last day of the 14 day trip from Cairns to Sydney with ATA. All we are actually doing today is driving down to Sydney and then Beaver will drop everyone off at their hostel.

After being dropped off at our respective accommodations and getting settled, we all joined at Brado’s hostel, where we then went out to have our last dinner together. It was a sad moment, and what made it worse, was that Beaver, althought he had promised, didn’t show up. After some goodbyes, we all turned in. Vicky, Ju-Hee, Sin-Lee, Iris and I were the ones to stay at Brado’s backpackers, where we also shared the same room.