Australia, day 3

Day 3, Saturday, February 6 2010 ——————————— When we get up in the morning we all have a nice breakfast together. It is then decided, that we will drive to Hillary’s Boar Harbour and have a little outing there. Before we went to Hillary’s Magda and Kevin had to go out, so Brian and John… Continue reading “Australia, day 3”

Australia, day 2

Day 2, Friday, February 5 2010 ——————————— Finally we arrive on time in Perth at 7pm. We have been travelling for 26 hours and we are feeling it in our bodies. I’m quite awake from the couple of hours sleep I managed to got. Passport control is a pain, as is always the case when… Continue reading “Australia, day 2”


Look at me… I have finally installed my own blog. Now let’s just hope I use it often… I’ll be trying to write about a lot of stuff, ranging from personal, to technical, over I suppose ranting as well… since everything is personal, I might offend people, but I really couldn’t bother less about that…