Australia, day 3

Day 3, Saturday, February 6 2010
When we get up in the morning we all have a nice breakfast together. It is then decided, that we will drive to Hillary’s Boar Harbour and have a little outing there.

Before we went to Hillary’s Magda and Kevin had to go out, so Brian and John showed us their little pond right next door. Because of the ongoing drought it was rather shallow, but there were many birds bathing and enjoying the water and the sun as well. They said there were also quite a few turtles there which we didn’t see.

On the way to Hillary’s we take the scenic route which drives quite close along the shore so we have a beatiful view of Australia’s vegetation, bird life and of course of the beatiful blue ocean.

Halfway to Hillary’s we see a helicopter over the ocean, and realize that a person is being rescued out of the ocean. Since this is quite interesting we turn off to the next beach and end up on Floreat Beach, where we just manage to see how the person is being pulled out of the ocean and dropped off on the beach.

Afterwards the helicopter takes off and we just realize, that at the Floreat Beack parking lot a part of the parking lot is marked off as the landing zone for the helicopter, so we can watch how the helicopter lands. Brian then realizes, that this is a helicopter which he worked on and added the rescuing capabilities of the helicopter.

When we then get to Hillary’s we then visit the AQWA which is the Aquarium of Western Australia. It was a very nice aquarium with many nice fish, big aquariums for the fish and a nice big one where a conveyor goes underneath so one can enjoy looking at massive rays and sharks. There were even people diving with the creatures…

Hillary’s also has a nice promenade where you can walk down and do some shopping, so of course Iris had to see if she finds something, but thankfully she doesn’t spend ages in a shop just more an in and out kind of thing.

We were promised some nice yaughts, but I was rather bored with the motor boats, there weren’t that many that had any sails.

When we went back to the parking lot, we saw many white parrots which were sitting on the trees. Quite nice animals, they made a hell of a racket but they were nice to look at.

The evening was quiet, we just had supper together did a bit of talking and then went rather early to bed as Iris and I were pretty tired from the jet lag.