Australia, Day 40

Day 40, Monday, March 15 2010

Our trip to the Blue Mountains was on this day. It started off with us having to find the Oz Experience office. It was on the other side of town and thanks to good instructions from Laurence at the reception and a quick train ride we were on time waiting for our bus driver. Our bus driver is called Jason. He is a strange bloke. It told us a bit too much of his private life, but he was nevertheless very informative and the day was quite nice.

The trip starts off with a long drive through the heavy Sydney morning traffic. Afterwards we went to a camp spot in the blue mountains, where were supposed to be able to spot kangeroos. Animals are not predictable, so we were not too upset that we didn’t see any. Jason said that he mostly does see them, but today we ran into bad luck.

I was actually not all too happy with this hunt, because I didn’t want to go to a spot, where I saw a mown lawn and maybe have an opportunity to see some kangeroos. For me it would have been better if we had extended the walks. After conferring with the guides at the hostel, they said that was how someone spoke who already had seen kangeroos. Other people would come to Sydney for three days and would want to see a kangeroo, so that was why this part was incorporated into the trip. I suppose they are right.

Our trip continued on to the Wentworth Falls walk. This is a beautiful little round circuit from the car park, which goes down a bit into the valley and gives a wonderful view over the blue mountains valley and the of the Wentworth Falls. It took us about one and a half hours to do the walk.

We stayed at the car park after the trip and then had our lunch their. Sadly I had not told them about me being vegan so all I had for lunch was lettuce, tomatoe and cucumber. They didn’t even serve some italian dressing, salt or any other kind of flavouring! That definitely was not good. I have definitely been served well, especially if I think about our Uluru trip…

The next and last walk consisted of the walk down to the base of the scenic railway, which takes one down a large set of stairs. In the early days, these steps were taken by miners, which would go down them in the morning and come up with the railway after their work ended. This walk was very nice as we walked through many crevices in the side of the mountain, had a beautiful view and also ended up with a view on to the three sisters. Here we stopped and our guide told us the story of how the three sisters came to be in the aboriginal world.

The last walk concluded our trip, and we started the trip back into Sydney. The trip was very nice, yet 100 AUD was not quite adequate for what we had. It was too little walking, but I suppose that is just me, who loves walking in nature…

The evening was concluded with a BBQ which was provided by the hostel.