Australia, Day 41

Day 41, Tuesday, March 16 2010

Today I enjoyed the city of Sydney. I went alone in the early morning and walked around the city centre of Sydney, loosing myself in the many streets. Every now and then I found a book store, into which I just had to go. It was interesting to see that every book store had a different assortment, with minor overlappings. For instance, one had more spiritual books, the other more language books, then another was only fantasy, horror and science fiction books.

I ended up in Darling Harbour, where I then went to the IMAX and watched Under The Sea and Avatar both in 3D. That was a good afternoon.

In the evening I met with Iris, but we didn’t do much anymore. We went to bed early, where I first packed my suit case and then read a bit. Once in bed I listened to a chapter of Harry Potther and the half blood prince.