Simple Configuration for Log4j

Ever wanted to use Log4j, but didn’t know how to configure it? Or you don’t remember how to configure it in a jiffy? Just add the following two lines in your application, like say in the main()-method and then your’re done: BasicConfigurator.configure(new ConsoleAppender(new PatternLayout(“%d %5p [%t] %C{1} %M – %m%n”))); Logger.getRootLogger().setLevel(Level.INFO); The first line sets… Continue reading “Simple Configuration for Log4j”

MySQL new user SQL statements

A quick and dirty explanation to create a new MySQL datbase with a user Create the user: CREATE USER ‘hibtest’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘*******’; Set some permissions: GRANT USAGE ON * . * TO ‘hibtest’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘*******’ WITH MAX_QUERIES_PER_HOUR 0 MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOUR 0 MAX_UPDATES_PER_HOUR 0MAX_USER_CONNECTIONS 0 ; Create the database: CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `hibtest`… Continue reading “MySQL new user SQL statements”