Planet Terror: The Grindhouse chill

Planet Terror

Oh boy… so I just got from the couch after watching Planet Terror. Before I start about the movie, let me tell you, that I was told, by my best friends, who were real nice to me, and stole, the DVD from my apartment without telling me, that the movie was like the worst shit they ever saw, so now here is my way of seeing it:

No doubt, Rodriguez loves his gore. You definitely get enough of it to see. The movie was made to fit into the Grindhouse style, which Tarantino in a way brought back to life with Death Proof. I find, that Rodriguez sadly failed in that. The movie just doesn’t really have that dirty look on it, the way Death Proof does, but there is no doubt, that the movie is way cool. The story is quite simple, Zombies come, people metamorphose, and of course lots of blood and guts get spilled. In that sense it is a really great movie as Rodriguez does it in such a way, that the movie is actually fun. Even though Rodriguez added this weird character who has to chop off balls, yeah you heard right, testicles of people who fail him, even that part is funny, although I suppose all guys will find their hands covering there groin…

Where Rodriguez definitely failed, ist in trying to give that Grindhouse flair. The movies comes just far too clear over. He did add those lines which are supposed to make the movie look like it’s run on some real old cellulose film, but it just doesn’t really do the trick. It still seams just too clear and too new. At one stage he actually even added a film burn, that looked quite cool and really DID piss off the viewer, but it left the right mark =))

All in all, if you’re looking for a Rodriguez style blood and gore shoot’em up, then you are at the right address with Planet Terror. The music is really fine, gives it the right tone, but we all know Rodriguez does that right, after we have seen From Dask Till Dawn…

All I can say is: Rodriguez, let Tarantino do the Grindhouse, keep to the blood and gore =))