Australia, Day 27

Day 27, Tuesday, March 2 2010

During the night it rained quite a lot and still did when we got up. Everything smelt nice. We planned to go out for a swim, but because the quads were needed sooner than first expected we first went for the quad bike tour straight after breakfast. The quad tour started with an introduction where we had to drive a couple of eights and then when the guides were happy with our capabilities we went for a tour on the quads. The tour consisted of a round circuit of the Kroombit Cattle station. The landscape was beautiful, lots of trees, bush and wildlife which we could see e.g. birds of prey and kangaroos.

After getting back from the quad bike tour it was nearly time for lunch, so we first went for a quick swim which I didn’t do as I wasn’t feeling all to well, but it still looked inviting.

After lunch we got ready to go for a walk. We got into the 4WD drives which took us to the Kroombit National Park. In the park the driving was loads of fun. We drove up nearly impossibly steep inclines and down again, through shoulder deep creeks where the water came over the bonnet and even fixed some of the fencing which was probably broken by wild horses while charging through the national park. At one stage we even realized that we had a flat which the guides didn’t see as a big problem, although we didn’t have a single spare wheel between two 4WD land cruisers! We just carried on driving then. On the way back it really start to rain hard again, so hard in fact, that the creeks really got big, and where before only a dried out creek was, not a strong flowing water mass was raging. It was a hell of a ride back. The nicest thing was that we accidentally drove into a spider net which was firstly huge, and secondly very strong. The spider itself was still crawling on the front window, so we stopped, and put the the spider on a plant on the side of the road. Before we carried on, we made some wonderful photos and I even let it crawl around on my arm and hand! So cool.

Back at the station we had a bit of free time. We had actually planned on doing a camp out, but because it was still raining and we wanted to leave early we decided against it. So we just started our own little fire and cooked our dinner away from the other guests of the cattle station. We had a nice time, but I turned in rather early as we are going to get up by 6 and go for a swim by 6:30 before we then leave for Rainbow Beach by 7:30.