Australia, Day 29

Day 29, Thursday, March 4 2010

The day started off with rain and a visit at the dolphin feeding bay. Thinking about it, and talking about the feeding of the dolphin many came to the conclusion that this is something sill and should be stopped. The dolphins which come in are actually wild, yet they come every day at around 8 in the morning and are fed by tourists. The reason for this is that in the 1950’s a dolphin was hurt and a fisherman took care of the dolphin. After many years the dolphin kept on coming out of habit and the dolhpins which come nowadays are already third generation. The reason why I think it should be stopped is because the doplhins don’t learn to survive in the harshest times and are thus more susceptible to being attacked by a shark.

The rest of the day was totally fucked up. The rain pored and pored and pored and this meant that everything we planned to do could not be done as the weather simply did not allow it.