Australia, Day 31

Day 31, Saturday, March 6 2010

After a hearty breakfast in the morning we got into the 4WD bus and the guide took us to Lake McKenzie.

After lunch everyong got back into the bust and we then drove to Lake Wabby. Well the drive was rather short and then we got ready to walk the 45 minutes it would take to get inland where Lake Wabby was situated. It rained a lot, so everyone just took off their clothes and went in only their swimming costumes for the walk. A nice thing about Fraser Island is that since it is 98% sand it is always nice and soft under ones feet. Anyhow the walk was quite nice, the vegetation really was beautiful and I enjoyed it very much.

Once we got to Lake Wabby we saw a nice little lake, which was completely surrounded by hight walls. On the one side there was a big yellow sand dune. The sand dune went very steeply up and on the top one got a fantastic view of more sand and vegetation in the distance. On the other side of the lake there was normal Fraser Island vegetation also going quite steeply up, and inaccessible.

We took a couple of pictures, enjoyed the view and then ran down the dune as fast as we could into the lake. It was lovely.

After enjoying the water for a bit, we headed back to the bus, which was good long walk, but started to get rather cool because we were wet, had no towel or clothes as that was the best way to go with the rain.

Back at the bus, when everyone had returned from the lake, we headed down the beach to the barge which would take us back to the main land and thus end our trip to Fraser Island. The bus driver dropped us back off at the Frasers backpackers where everyone ran for the showers!

Since it was still raining, the rest of our stay at Rainbow Beach was rather boring. Some went to the bar, others stayed in the room and most went to bed early.