Makefile to compile C code

During my phases where I learn to write in C, I don’t want to keep creating new Makefiles. Thus after searching all over the net I managed to put together this simple Makefile. It expects your source code to be in ./src and it will put the compiled executables in ./bin

# Makefile to compile arbitrary C sources to an executable with the same name
# The source files are in the src/ sub directory
# The compiled executables are in the bin/ sub directory

# $@ is automatic variable that holds name of target
# $< is automatic variable that holds the name of the prerequisite

# defines the sub directory in which the sources are found
# defines the sub directory in which the executables are compiled to

# tells make to search in $(SRC_PATH) for the .c files

# defines the name of the executables which are to be compiled
EXECUTABLES= $(patsubst $(SRC_PATH)%.c,%,$(shell ls $(SRC_PATH)*.c))

# default target which prepares the bin/ sub directory, and initiates the compilation
all: prepare $(EXECUTABLES)

# the target which is expanded to compile each found C source file
$(EXECUTABLES): %: %.c
	gcc $< -lm -o $(BIN_PATH)$@

# declare phony targets
.PHONY: prepare clean

# create the $(BIN_PATH) sub directory
	mkdir -p $(BIN_PATH)
# remote the $(BIN_PATH) subdirectory
	rm -rf $(BIN_PATH)