My blueberry nights


I was in Nürnberg, Germany this past week. My visit was work, with working times between 9pm and 5am. One afternoon knowing that there were cinemas in Nürnberg and the weather was way past nice, I decided to go and watch My blueberry nights. Now sadly in Nürnberg I did not find a single cinema, which had the original language, so I had to watch it in German.

The movie just rocked my world. The way how the director Wong Kar-Wai created the movie with the softness in pictures. The whole time over one is just completely mesmerized through the colours. The story is filled with interesting characters, allowing the watcher to associate oneself with the one or other character. It is always wonderful to see in which new way that Wong Kar-Wai adds life questions in his movies.

The actors are amazing, there is not much to say about Jude Law, Rachel Weisz or Natalie Portman, as they are well known. The real jewel in this movie is no doubtedly Norah Jones. I for one did not really know what to expect, but from her music alone, one feels already such an amazing energy and so I was actually quite sure that she would be wonderful. Even so, how astonished was I when, I saw her on the screen. She has such a charismatic way of being on the screen, that I was blown away.

In the end all I can say is, that if one likes Wong Kar-Wai movies, then you will not at all be disappointed, as this movie touches the viewer in the same way, with the difference, that this movie plays in present day America and not in “future” Hong Kong