Australia, Day 5

Day 5, Monday, February 8 2010 ——————————- Today is the day we decided to visit Rottnest Island which is just off the coast of Perth and can be reached by ferries going off from Fremantle or Hillary’s boat harbour. We decided to go from Fremantle and John brought us to the dock early in the… Continue reading “Australia, Day 5”

Australia, Day 4

Day 4, Sunday, February 7 2010 ——————————- Today we drove to the Pinnacle Desert, which is in the Nambung National Park. On the way we stopped for lunch at Rosie’s Chicken. Rosies chicken was this real outback road stop where a woman was sitting inside which was probably as outback ozzie as can be. She… Continue reading “Australia, Day 4”

Australia, day 1

Day 1, Thursday, February 4 2010 ———————- I packed yesterday, so all I needed to do this morning was get up at the right time eat my last breakfast at home and wait for the ring at my bell. When Iris finally rang my bell, I was imersed in a T.V. show which actually fitted… Continue reading “Australia, day 1”

Australia, day 3

Day 3, Saturday, February 6 2010 ——————————— When we get up in the morning we all have a nice breakfast together. It is then decided, that we will drive to Hillary’s Boar Harbour and have a little outing there. Before we went to Hillary’s Magda and Kevin had to go out, so Brian and John… Continue reading “Australia, day 3”

Australia, day 2

Day 2, Friday, February 5 2010 ——————————— Finally we arrive on time in Perth at 7pm. We have been travelling for 26 hours and we are feeling it in our bodies. I’m quite awake from the couple of hours sleep I managed to got. Passport control is a pain, as is always the case when… Continue reading “Australia, day 2”

Adding Verdana / Tahoma / winfonts LaTeX support in Ubuntu 9.04

To be able to use windows fonts like Verdana, Tahoma and so forth in Latex documents on an Ubuntu Jaunty Jackelope you need to install the winfonts package from CTAN. The following steps explains what I undertook to use these fonts: 1. First download the winfonts package from CTAN 2. Find your Tahoma and/or Verdana… Continue reading “Adding Verdana / Tahoma / winfonts LaTeX support in Ubuntu 9.04”

Implementing Ajax push with RichFaces

The following snippets illustrates how to implement an ajax push in a JSF application where RichFaces is set up. I am using this with a JSF application with Tomahawk extensions and RichFaces just for Ajax and Menus Add the following in the XHTML: <!– Register an ajax listener on the bean –> <a4j:push interval=”1000″ eventProducer=”#{bean.addPushListener}”… Continue reading “Implementing Ajax push with RichFaces”