XML, DOM and Xerces

I’ve been having to use the Xerces framework because of school, and after I was rather searching tooo long how to use xerces, I thought I’d just go about and do a little blog on how to use the framework, so that in the future, I still know what I have to do. Read the […]

Tables in LaTeX

Ok… I have most definitely gone over the bend, LaTeX tables are a pain, at least till you know how to do them… I have been trying to add neat tables to LaTeX documents, and I have been searching all kinds of places. But I have finally found something that seems to work. It has […]

My blueberry nights

I was in Nürnberg, Germany this past week. My visit was work, with working times between 9pm and 5am. One afternoon knowing that there were cinemas in Nürnberg and the weather was way past nice, I decided to go and watch My blueberry nights. Now sadly in Nürnberg I did not find a single cinema, […]


Look at me… I have finally installed my own blog. Now let’s just hope I use it often… I’ll be trying to write about a lot of stuff, ranging from personal, to technical, over I suppose ranting as well… since everything is personal, I might offend people, but I really couldn’t bother less about that…