Australia, Day 23

Day 23, Friday, February 26 2010

In the morning once breakfast was served which came complete with cereal, toast and soya milk, we did a bit of sailing to the Whitsunday Island. The rain still didn’t stop, yet we still all got on to the dinghy and then moved over to the shore. There, once all were over, we walked up a trail on this protected national park and went to the look out. The look out was beautiful, even though the weather was no good. The look out was to the other side of the island where we could see the beach which had the purest silica sand in the world! After we enjoyed the lookout we went to the beach itself where we went swimming in the ocean, and that even though it was still raining! It was just lovely, the water was warm and interestingly enough, full of stingrays. We couldn’t get very close to them, but they were everywhere, especially in the shallow water.

After this we all went back to the other side where we then transferred again via dinghy to the sail boat. Then the sail boat started to cruise to our next destination where we would then stay for the night. We passed beautiful coast lines and forests and islands. The weather dampened the excitement a bit, but it was still a wonderful thing to enjoy.

I did spend a fair bit downstairs then I wanted to try not to get too wet and then sick in the end. Downstairs I then did a lot of reading.

Once at our destination we all went snorkelling. The dive boat was supposed to come out, but sadly that was not the case as the weather did not allow that. So the diving was delayed for the next morning before we got back to Airlie Beach. The snorkelling was not as enjoyable because the water was quite murky, but we still could see some nice corals and fish. Sadly the coral was quite dead, but I did see a beautiful blue coral which seemed quite healthy. It looked like a wild growing tree under water but the branches were powerful blue and it was not from a single trunk.

We then again had dinner and spent the night there playing games, reading and so forth.