Australia, Day 24

Day 24, Saturday, February 27 2010

Get up early and rendezvous with the dive ship and while some go for their introductory dive, most just have another snorkel. There was not much to see in the water as the coral was quite dead. Yet I did have the chance to see three quite big fish which were surely over a metre in size. I am guessing they were tuna. Otherwise there were a couple of parrot fishes and so on…

After the snorkelling we pack our gear together and head back to Airlie Beach. We hiss the sails, but sadly we need to keep the motor running as there was not much wind and we had to back in the Marina at about 11 ‘o clock.

When we arrive at the marina shortly past 11 we say thank you and good bye to the crew and head off to find Beaver and the ATA bus.

Beaver takes us to the Croc Hotel where we check in and the get right back into the bus and go into town to get something to eat.

After having lunch we go to the Opals shop where we are told about the Opals and mines in the area. The opals we get to see are beautiful, yet the nicest ones come from aboriginal land and since the land has been given back to the Aborigines they don’t get mined anymore.

Further we get some nice didgeridoo lessons and all look at the beautiful didgeridoos and some get weak and have to buy the one or other didgeridoo, painting or boomerang. I bought a beautiful didgeridoo which cost a bit but will be a nice souvenir of this trip to Australia.

Afterwards we head back to the hotel and get ready to go out for dinner. Dinner we have a Morocco’s and is very nice. It is a nice bar with many funny games during the night like people must find things, or do something in a certain amount of time. It was very fund and is definitely reccommended!

The night is long but nice and at something over midnight we finally went to bed.