Australia, Day 22

Day 22, Thursday, February 25 2010 ———————————— Early in the morning we got up, checked-out and headed for the ferry back to the main land. Once on the main land we got back on the bus and then headed for Airlie beach at the Whitsundays. We arrived at the Whitsundays at around 1 in the… Continue reading “Australia, Day 22”

Australia, Day 21

Day 21, Wednesday, February 24 2010 ———————————— We got up at around quarter to 5 and left for our 14 day trip to Sydney with ATA (Adventure Travel Australia) which started around 6:30 in the morning where we got picked up by our tour guide called Sam, or Beaver which is his nickname. The group… Continue reading “Australia, Day 21”

Australia, Day 20

Day 20, Tuesday, February 23 2010 ———————————— On this day Iris was invited by Matty to go on another Tablelands tour. He had been quite flirty with her. She accepted and so I was alone for the day. I decided to do a tour of Cairns on foot. I walked around Cairns, had a nice… Continue reading “Australia, Day 20”

Australia, Day 19

Day 19, Monday, February 22 2010 ———————————— To enjoy the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, we booked ourselves seats on the Passions of Paradise catamaran. Matty had told us that if were going to visit the reef from Cairns, then they would be the best bet, as they were a small bought, but still big… Continue reading “Australia, Day 19”

Australia, Day 18

Day 18, Sunday, February 21 2010 ———————————— Cape Trib Connection Tablelands While we were on the Cape Tribulation tour and were driven back by Matty, he had told us about the another tour he did, which goes to the Tablelands. Iris and I had decided to do this tour too, and so on this Sunday,… Continue reading “Australia, Day 18”

Australia, Day 17

Day 17, Saturday, February 20 2010 ———————————— We went to the Flecker Botanical Gardens which is in the north of Cairns. There were many unusual and really beautiful plants and trees to see. I also has a sudden wish to define my favourite tree, which is a paperbark tree. They also had a little nursery… Continue reading “Australia, Day 17”

Australia, Day 16

Day 16, Friday, February 19 2010 ———————————— Relaxing day, washing, writing postcards and diary Dinner at the Woolshed and afterwards a bit of dancing at the Casa de Meze which is a Salsa bar

Australia, Day 15

Day 15, Thursday, February 18 2010 ———————————— We took a walk around the Cape Tribulation beach. This was really nice as the beach is long and the rain forest really comes right down to the beach and there were many crabs and nice scenes to enjoy. We got driven back to Cairns with the Cape… Continue reading “Australia, Day 15”

Australia, Day 14

Day 14, Wednesday, February 17 2010 ———————————– Cape Trib Connection brought us to Cape Tribulation for a night at the Beach House. Our driver was Barry and is a rather weird fella. On the way to Cape Tribulation we made a stop every now and then and walked in the rain forest, where Barry told… Continue reading “Australia, Day 14”

Australia, Day 13

Day 13, Tuesday, February 16 2010 ———————————- We went to Tjapukai Cultural Park where we saw aboriginal dances, didgeridoos performances and got to know more about the history of the aborigines in the north eastern area of Australia. We could also throw the traditional spears with a spear thrower and also throw boomerangs. While throwing… Continue reading “Australia, Day 13”