Australia, Day 35

Day 35, Wednesday, March 10 2010 ———————————— Brado’s backpackers is quite a nice place to be. The place itself is still pretty run down, but as Brad, Laurence and his crew only took over the place some 5 weeks ago, they are only just finding out what has to be done. I am deeply impressed… Continue reading “Australia, Day 35”

Australia, Day 34

Day 34, Tuesday, March 9 2010 ———————————— The previous night we had decided to get up early and watch the sunrise. Beaver had told us that the sun would rise around 4:45. I was going for 6 ‘o clock, but we all thought Beaver knew what he was saying. So 4:30 everyones alarm went off,… Continue reading “Australia, Day 34”

Australia, Day 33

Day 33, Monday, March 8 2010 ———————————— We were planning on seeing the sunrise over Byron Bay at the light house, but since it kept on raining, we skipped that. We went for breakfast at this nice little turkish place at around 8 ‘o clock and afterwards headed up to the light house to enjoy… Continue reading “Australia, Day 33”

Australia, Day 32

Day 32, Sunday, March 7 2010 ———————————— We all met around 7 ‘o clock at the reception and then were all rather shocked to hear that there was a slim chance that we might not be able to get out of Rainbow Beach. The normal route out of Rainbow Beach went straight to Gympie and… Continue reading “Australia, Day 32”

Australia, Day 31

Day 31, Saturday, March 6 2010 ———————————— After a hearty breakfast in the morning we got into the 4WD bus and the guide took us to Lake McKenzie. After lunch everyong got back into the bust and we then drove to Lake Wabby. Well the drive was rather short and then we got ready to… Continue reading “Australia, Day 31”

Australia, Day 30

Day 30, Friday, March 5 2010 ———————————— Around half past six everyone started to get up, I didn’t have a watch on me, so I relied on the rest of the group to know when I was supposed to get up. Everyone got there stuff together and then shortly past quarter to eight Cameron, our… Continue reading “Australia, Day 30”

Australia, Day 29

Day 29, Thursday, March 4 2010 ———————————— The day started off with rain and a visit at the dolphin feeding bay. Thinking about it, and talking about the feeding of the dolphin many came to the conclusion that this is something sill and should be stopped. The dolphins which come in are actually wild, yet… Continue reading “Australia, Day 29”

Australia, Day 28

Day 28, Wednesday, March 3 2010 ———————————— The day was very boring, we got up early in the morning, went for a quick last swim in the creek at the cattle station and then had breakfast. After breakfast we got in to the bus and headed for Rainbow Beach. The drive was long and boring… Continue reading “Australia, Day 28”

Australia, Day 27

Day 27, Tuesday, March 2 2010 ———————————— During the night it rained quite a lot and still did when we got up. Everything smelt nice. We planned to go out for a swim, but because the quads were needed sooner than first expected we first went for the quad bike tour straight after breakfast. The… Continue reading “Australia, Day 27”

Australia, Day 26

Day 26, Monday, March 1 2010 ———————————— In the morning we had a quick swim in the creek at the cattle station before we had breakfast. After breakfast we went and learnt how to throw a boomerang. I had already learnt at the Tjapukai Cultural Center, but that didn’t change the fact that I managed… Continue reading “Australia, Day 26”